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Published: 12th October 2012
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Nowadays, Apple Macís OSX is the latest popular trend as an Operating System. Although BSD Unix based, its architecture and hardware are different from other computers and operating systems. When trying to compare laptopís from Dell or HP and an Apple Mac book Pro, the two would be considered apples and oranges in the technology field.

As it is a relative young platform its data recovery process also differs from other data recovery techniques. Actually there are many reasons to hire a company for Apple Data Recovery. So, learn about Apple Data Recovery with our listed information.

Apple Data Recovery:

Physical Damage

In case of Apple Data, such kind of physical failure occurs when the physical components of your Apple Mac computers (Mac Mini, iMac, Power Mac, Mac Book Pro, Xsan, and Xserve) stop functioning. The damage may occur due to harmful electrical currents, read/write head accidents, spindle motor harm, hard drive actuator failing, RAID array failing, server collision, mishaps, and many other causes as well. In all of these situations, the system can not recognize your hard drive and thus the stored data cannot be accessed.

In this type of scenario to hire an Apple Data Recovery expert becomes vital. It is an individualized service, provided by professionals through secure and clean atmosphere of Clean Areas (class 100 cleanrooms). They use proprietary tools and techniques to ensure secure recovery of lost information. The professionals have skills and experience to handle all information loss circumstances.

Logical Damage

In case of logical system failures, such failures can occur due to corruption of the logical structure of your Mac OS X hard drives and the HFS Plus file system. Corruption of the Boot sector, file system and damage to the I-nodes are among the most common logical failures. In addition accidental formatting, OS malfunctions, accidental deletion, and bad sectors are among the frequently seen reasons for logical failures. In these cases, the computer may display some errors message when trying to boot.

In this type of case, making a wise decision and hiring an Apple data recovery service expert becomes vital. They can play a key role, in achieving a positively successful outcome from your data loss disaster.

AIX UNIX Data Recovery:

Qualified IBM AIX UNIX Data Recovery engineers are difficult to find. Most Data Recovery companies have very little experience working with IBMís UNIX flavor. One of the main reasons is that the JFS and JFS2 file systems are very proprietary closed source file systems which have not been properly ported to any other UNIX or Linux platform. When an AIX server fails, itís usually always mission critical as these workhorses are always in production. The majority of data recovery engineers lack the proper experience and knowledge required to successfully salvage data from damaged AIX volume groups. When searching for AIX UNIX Data Recovery services, ensure that the data recovery company has invested in a R&D department in which the engineers have developed solutions to restore data from JFS and JFS2 file systems in all cases and possible conditions. These companies can often be identified in that they invest a lot of effort as well as resources into developing Unix based recovery tools.

They will usually support all UNIX flavors and have a profound understanding of the file systems such as:

:: Solaris on Sun

:: HP-UX

:: IRIX on SGI

:: AIX on IBM

So, here we have explained to you all the details for AIX UNIX Data Recovery and Apple Data Recovery. Often we think that we can repair the failure and restore the data by our own selfís. However, it should be kept in mind that each and every OS has their own specific details and their requirements for data recovery can be different as well. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a specialized data recovery firm to prevent further damage to the systems.

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